Alternative medicine.

   "Treatment of various diseases" , the largest by volume, included information on all systems and organs of man ,  talked about their structure and functions . A description of some 200 diseases, their symptoms , briefly listed traditional therapies used by official medicine , and provides non-traditional and folk remedies . This is primarily herbs , vegetables, fruits , honey . Here you will also find recommendations of modern healers, both domestic and foreign , and treatments borrowed from the peoples of the East - acupressure treatment wisely.
   All disease grouped by body system . Description of the disease and ways to treat it to be found in the section on the relevant system. For example, all the information about angina , see the section "Diseases of the respiratory system " but about gastritis - in the " Diseases of the digestive system."
   Sections constituting " Traditional methods " , as follows: "Diseases of the respiratory system ", " Diseases of the digestive system ", " Diseases of the urinary system ", " Diseases of the cardiovascular system ", " Diseases of the musculoskeletal system ", " Sexually Transmitted Diseases ", " endocrine diseases ", " diseases of the Nervous system ", " diseases of the skin "," ear infections ", " diseases of the eye and vision disorders", " diseases of the teeth and mouth ", " diseases of adulthood ", " Common diseases . "

  " Women's Health " , will talk about how to get rid of diseases of female genital mutilation , to preserve the health of old age, with minimal damage to health undergo such important stages in a woman's life , such as pregnancy , childbirth, the postpartum period.
  " Men's Health " contains recipes of traditional medicine to help get rid of the diseases of male genital organs , permanently preserve health and virility .
  " Child's Health" , is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of childhood diseases . Recipes presented in this section , specifically designed for the delicate organism of the child .
  " Natural Cosmetics " , will talk about how to care for face and body , hair , how to cook masks and creams of the natural remedies to improve skin condition and strengthen hair .
  "Treatment of short prayers and conspiracies ", devoted to long forgotten in Soviet times means for requesting help from a higher power. Now more and more people believe in God, hope for his help , turn to him and the saints with prayers . And God will not abandon them . But it is very important to know what kind of prayer in any way. what disease and when to read. That's what we tell you . Here will talk about the healing power of conspiracies such as the removal of the evil eye and spoilage.
   " Divination tools ", tells about the amazing methods of treatment using light, color , metals, precious stones , clay, water, heat and cold, oil , dirt, odors , with the help of animals , leeches , mushrooms.
   "Treatment of honey and bee products ", is devoted to this unique natural treatment, such as honey , propolis and other bee products . You know what honey is useful for what diseases , discover the many possibilities of honey as a healing agent.
   " Medicinal Plants " , will talk about the correct use of the treatment plants. Healing properties of lemon and orange. It describes the types of medicinal plants, which are most commonly found on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries. To have survived many herbalists indicating herbs and methods of their application . The chapter devoted to herbal medicine , botanical characteristics of plants are described their therapeutic properties , contraindications , and provides specific recipes for the treatment of a disease . Other chapters in this part of the talk about the healing properties of trees, shrubs , herbs, fruits , berries, vegetables and cereals .
   Very important is the text under << WARNING >> as here given information about the poisonous properties of plants and various contraindications .
   "How to preserve health" , will help you determine your ideal weight , provide advice on nutrition , because of how we eat affects our health.A also cleansing the body of toxins and fat starvation.
   "Treatment of food ",  will reveal the healing properties of familiar foods, such as milk, tea, bread , salt, eggs , wine, vodka , kvass , beer , mineral water , which can use in the treatment of certain diseases.
   " First aid " will talk about providing the necessary emergency accidents. Bleeding , burns, frostbite , shock and sunstroke , snake bites , insects and animals.
   To help readers are applications that provide information about the collection of medicinal plants, dosages , contraindications , poisonous plants , symptoms of major diseases , characteristic substances in medicinal plants (proteins , fats, carbohydrates , vitamins, hormones, enzymes , organic compounds and mineral substances ) .